Book Bags Delivered Thanks to CauseVox Campaign

The Homestretch's Call to Action took physical form on Monday, October 6th when we dropped off book bags and hygiene products at Burke Elementary on Chicago’s South Side. Burke Elementary, and their homeless clerk Trinni Ferguson, was one off 12 CPS schools chosen to receive support for their efforts serving some of the 22,000+ homeless youth enrolled in Chicago schools. This first delivery from our Call to Action was made possible by the generosity of those who stepped up during our Chicago launch at the Gene Siskel Film Center. THANK YOU! We’re on to our next school: Cesar E. Chavez. Help us get them the coats, scarves and gloves they need by signing on to Help us make a concrete difference in Chicago!

"You have no idea how much these kids need this stuff," said Trinni as she looked through the boxes of supplies we'd dropped off. A lot of times, she spends her own money to buy students shoes, food and other items that help homeless students at her school succeed. "We even wash their clothes when we can."

There are Homeless Liaisons and Clerks, like Trinni, stationed at all 664 Chicago Public Schools. It’s an added, unpaid responsibility for these folks who might be the school nurse, counselor, teacher or school registrar or secretary.  Still, these homeless liaisons and clerks work everyday to help homeless students stay in school, succeed, and sometimes help them try to feel like they can fit in with their peers. 

Serving youth and supporting schools and service will continue to be our goal, and our Call to Action will gain momentum as we head towards a second week of screenings at the Gene Siskel Film Center in November. In the coming weeks, we'll be distributing more emergency items to schools, The Crib and TLP’s Belfort House. Join us in making a difference!