Warm Weather Clothes Delivered to Cesar E. Chavez School

On Thursday, November 20th, The Homestretch team delivered winter gear and 1 inch white binders to Cesar E. Chavez School. This comes as part of the film’s ongoing CauseVox campaign, collecting donations and contributing items to 12 of the CPS schools working to serve homeless youth.

Marisela Corona, counselor and homeless liaison at Cesar E. Chavez School, was present to accept the coats, hats and gloves being delivered. “With winter coming,” said Ms. Corona, “our students need cold weather clothes.”

Along with homeless liaisons at the other 663 CPS schools, Ms. Corona’s job is to help homeless students have the same educational experience as their peers with more traditional living situations. This means providing them with bus cards, arranging for various fees to be paid (uniforms, field trips, etc.), and outfitting them with warm weather clothes similar to the ones The Homestretch team delivered. Often times, items like coats and hats get paid for out of a liaison’s own pocket.

The 1 inch white binders The Homestretch CauseVox campaign also contributed will serve a unique and vital purpose for Cesar E. Chavez School. They’ll be filled with information about applying to CPS selective enrollment high schools. These schools, which have strong academic records but require students to apply, have application requirements that can be daunting. This is especially true for homeless students who might not have a reliable adult to help them apply. Ms. Corona will use these binders and the information they contain to ensure all students have equal access to quality secondary education.

Behind these contributions to schools like Cesar E. Chavez are the incredible supporters of The Homestretch that have answered the film’s Call to Action. Most notably, Saya Hillman of Mac and Cheese Productions, hosted a screening of The Homestretch in her multi-use space and raised $800+ for the CauseVox Campaign. You can make your own contribution to the campaign at the-homestretch.causevox.com.

For more information about how to stay involved, visit homestretchdoc.com/take-action. To bring the film to your community, email homestretch@kartemquin.com. For updates, follow The Homestretch on Facebook and Twitter