Nearing the finish line

After four years of intense work, The Homestretch is finally nearing completion. As they get ready to release the film, co-directors/producers Anne de Mare and Kirsten Kelly are simultaneously launching the first steps of a major audience engagement strategy for their film about homeless teens in Chicago.

In one of the final aspects of post-production their composer, Greg Kalember of Sonic Highway, recently started recording in the studio. Jennifer Greenfield of Greenfield & Co recently joined the production team and is hosting a private “sneak peek” screening of the current cut for advocacy leaders, supporters and friends of the film at Norwood Club in New York City tonight. In March the film's impact team has plans for meetings and private screenings in Chicago and Washington DC with policymakers, advocacy leaders and funders to help guide the film’s Advocacy and Outreach Campaign. And we're gearing up to launch a Kickstarter campaign in a final push for completion funds and outreach support over the next few weeks, so please be on the lookout for that.

Here is a list of some upcoming events at which the filmmakers will be presenting excerpts or sneak previews of the film and discussing the issues at the heart of youth homelessness ahead of their eventual world premiere later this spring. To contact them, please email or find the film on Facebook and Twitter.

February 17th
Sneak preview and fundraiser. Norwood Club, NYC.

February 27th
Sneak preview and fundraiser. Lower East Side Girls Club, NYC.

March 6th/7th
McKinney-Vento State Coordinators Convening in Washington, D.C.
Hosted by the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth.

Monday, March 10th - 5:00pm
A private Chicago event for homeless youth advocates & policymakers, hosted by Bryan Samuels, Executive Director of Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago.

Wednesday, March 12th - 4:30pm
Preview screening & discussion at the Housing First National Partners Conference, Chicago.
Hosted by Debbie Reznick of Polk Bros. Foundation

Monday, March 24th - time TBD
Preview at National Network 4 Youth Summit, with panel discussion.

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